Best idea Black and white still life photography

Photographs look cool when they are full of colors, but black and white photographs give us different kinds of vibes. They tell more interesting stories and we feel attracted to it. In black and white still life photography, still means when the objects are not moving. The object here refers to foods, flowers, and everyday items. We will discuss some tools and techniques that will help you understand more about it. So, let’s get started and read about the tips to make B&W still photography more attractive and capture-worthy.

What is black and white still life photography?

Best idea Black and white still life photography

Let’s first learn about black-and-white still-life photography in simple terms. It is about taking black-and-white photographs. This type of photography does not use bright colors; instead, the two main colors used are black and white. Black and white photography captures the beauty and feelings of things by employing only a few grey tones.         

Tool for Black and White Still Life Images

 Now we will discuss the tools you need to capture beautiful black and white still life images:


A camera and a tripod are a must when we talk about taking black-and-white Life Images, but what kind of camera will be appropriate? It is advised by professionals that dynamic ranges of cameras are very good for clicking this kind of photography. When you use a dynamic range camera, you will easily be able to capture the details in both bright and dark areas. For capturing the tone changes in your still-life photographs, look for a camera with good low-light performance.  

Experiment with Lenses

  • Wide-angle lenses are best for capturing the pictures. They're useful for displaying a variety of elements in your photograph.
  • A 50mm is best for various still-life themes since it shows the audience things just as you see them.
  • Macro lenses are used to get up close and personal with objects. They help you see details and textures that you might miss in color photos.

Specifically Light Still Life

Now comes the third most important thing which is lighting. It can highlight your subjects' shapes and textures more beautifully. Studio lighting can be the best source to make the objects that you are clicking look more dramatic. You may also use special camera lights. Don’t hesitate and try every angle to click the photos.

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How to Take Pictures of Black and White Still Lifes

  • Decide where you want people to look and what they should see. Arrange the elements perfectly, which will make the image more beautiful. You can leave vacant areas and place items in specific locations to make them appear attractive.
  • Take photographs from various perspectives. It can look more interesting if you tilt the camera or get incredibly close to an object. You can either show minor details or the entire scene.
  • In black-and-white photography, light acts as a paintbrush. To cast heavy shadows in one direction, utilize a single bright light.
  • You can experiment with a variety of new ideas. The more you practice, the better your black-and-white photography will become.

Black and white still life photography ideas

Best idea Black and white still life photography

When planning your images, think of them in black and white. This helps you in selecting the appropriate objects and lighting. Also, think about how light makes things look different and use it to your advantage. After you've taken the photo, use computer tools to improve it. Change things like the lighting and shadows.

Arranging a Still Life

When talking about arranging still life we mean that objects must seem that they are together. It means ensuring that all of your objects must be balanced. Allow some space between objects to avoid them appearing messed up. Remember that even the empty spaces in your image are very important. They can help your objects stand out.


Using a black background makes your image feel more mysterious and it looks clean on a white background. Background textures and materials don't have to be uninteresting. You can utilize various materials or objects with fascinating textures.         

Post-Processing and Editing Techniques

Post-processing helps, you make your photos look perfect by changing tones, adding textures, and adding depth to your images. There are several ways to alter your images. The most important thing is to maintain balance. Stay moderate with the editing or your photos will look strange. Usually, a little adjustment is required to make your photographs look best.          

RAW Conversion

To begin your journey into black-and-white still-life photo editing, transform your image utilizing the best tools. For example-

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • ON1 Photo RAW

These programs have useful tools and sliders for adjusting your photo's tonal range, contrast, and brightness.    

Black and White Presets

To get different appearances and styles, experiment with different black-and-white photo presets or effects. These presets allow you to experiment with different vibes and moods. But keep in mind that these are only a beginning point. You can make changes and adjust them to fit your artistic vision.                  

Noise and Grain

By adding grain or noise to your photographs means giving the pictures cool film-like quality. It also improves the mood of your photographs and makes them look fantastic. You may use it to give the mages a cool vintage or timeless look. Keep it simple and sober doesn’t get distracted from your subject and ruin the composition.          


Earning by doing the black and white still-life photography can be difficult but it can also be rewarding. It all depends on your skills in shooting amazing images. For photographers, it is always important to demonstrate style and skills.


Question. Which camera is best for click Black and white still-life photography?

Answer. Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera and Sony a7R III Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera are best for click Black and white still life photography.

Question. What is most important in Black and white still life photography?

Answer. The three most important things are composition, storytelling, and conveying emotion.


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(By Simran Singh)