Boudoir photography : ideas and examples of Boudoir photos

Boudoir Photography is a unique and new way of photography that clicks intimacy, that is mostly done in a bedroom or a private space. It helps in celebrating a person’s appearance and self esteem. Some ideas are classic elegance; it means a black and white photo of a subject draped in silk sheets, exuding timeless beauty. Playful - pin up ; it embraces an old look , including props like red lipstick and an old lingerie. Natural beauty ; highlighting the scene with everyday makeup and soft lighting. A bride to be in her wedding lingerie , clicking anticipation and romance.

What exactly is boudoir photography?

Boudoir Photography is a mixed genre that clicks sensual moments , intimate scenes and erotic images of individuals, mainly in a really private setting like a studio or a bedroom. It targets to make the day for the person who is beautiful and confident. Women mostly pose in lingerie that is not fully clothed or maybe nude , with mainly focus on their beauty and natural charm. The style of this type of photography has too much variety from soft and romantic to bold and daring. Boudoir photography is a medium to spread self expression and body positivity.

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Boudoir photography styles

Boudoir photography

Boudoir Photography consists of many styles in different places. It can be either soft and romantic, it also majorly  focuses on intimacy. On the other hand, it can be either strong and bold, nourishing a more better look. Old , pin up , and more better looking styles with themes like bridal or fantasy.

Preparation and set up boudoir photoshoot

  • By communicating: start while discussing expectations, styles and boundaries with the photographer to align on the vision.
  • Wardrobe selection: choose lingerie, outfits or accessories that make you feel confident and beautiful. Bring a variety to diversify the shots.
  • Location and lights: decide on the setting, whether it’s a bedroom, studio or specific theme. Ensure proper lighting to create the desired atmosphere. One of the best boudoir photography tips.
  • Hair and makeup : consider professional styling for a polished look that compliments your style.
  • Relaxation: Relax before the shoot to ease nerves , ensuring a more natural and confident expression.
  • Poses and props : Discuss potential poses and any props you’d like to blend.
  • Privacy : Ensure a reliable and personal space , especially if you are concerned about confidentiality.
  • Timing : Plan for plenty of time to get comfortable with the environment and photographer. It can be one of the suitable boudoir photography tips.

Hair and makeup for boudoir photos

  • Professional help : consider hiring a makeup artist and hairstylist that have some experience in this field to reach a new and fine look in boudoir photography.
  • Natural or glam : discuss the style you want , natural ; it enhances the everyday look, or glam ; with bold makeup and complex.
  • Flawless Skin : Focus on even skin tones, hiding blemishes , and features without overdoing it.
  • Hair styling : Soft waves, curls or sleek styles work well. Choose what makes you feel your best.
  • Lips and cheeks: subtle blush and flattering lip colour which completes the look.

Outfits for Boudoir Photographs

  • Lingerie : elegant bras , panties, and Teddies are classic choices. Choose colours that compliments your skin tone.
  • Sheer and lace: delicate lace and sheer fabrics add a touch of romance that creates a soft and sexy look.
  • Corset and bodysuits : These can shape and enhance your curves , providing a fixed and attractive appearance.
  • Themed look: experiment with themes like old pin up , bridal or fantasy to create unique, personalised shots.
  • Comfort : The most important fact is that kindly choose outfits that make you feel confident and beautiful.

Equipment selection

  • Camera: A high-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera is ideal for sharp, detailed images.
  • Lenses: Fast prime lenses like 50mm or 85mm are popular for flattering portraits.
  • Lighting: Soft, diffused lighting is crucial for a flattering, intimate look. Consider using softboxes or natural light.
  • Tripod: A stable tripod helps with framing and minimises camera shake.
  • Props: Depending on the theme, choose props like cushions, drapes, or furniture to enhance the scene.
  • Backdrop: Select a suitable backdrop or setting to match the boudoir style.
  • Remote Shutter: A remote control can help reduce camera shake when shooting.
  • Reflector: A reflector can bounce light and eliminate shadows.

6 tips for stunning boudoir poses in boudoir photography


When you are trying to do boudoir poses , a brief idea should be there in your mind. You will have to work on creating a vision board in order to create a fine boudoir pose. It is one of the best tips for boudoir photography for men.


Before the shoot, observe your client. Have a conversation with the model about their comfort. The client’s needs should be fulfilled. Interact with the client for the best possible outcome.


Prepare your poses beforehand. It will calm you in front of the camera. Some models might get stressed during the shoot. In boudoir photography, the comfort level of the model is the top most priority.


The positioning of hands plays a really important role. It can complement the curves. It can purely shift the focus on the face as well. So try to be soft and graceful with the position of hands.


You don’t have to over show  yourself . Just remember there is a thin line between being sensual and being vulgar. One should maintain the line and the dignity as well. Therefore , less is more. It is one of the best boudoir photography tips.


Post processing is the most important step in reaching a goal of perfect boudoir photography. Select your best shots after going through all the clicked images. Client feedback is also a major factor. Final touches to the photographs provide a better outlook.


To sum up everything in the end, boudoir photography is a medium of self expression and empowerment. It also celebrates one of a kind sensuality. With all the tips, it can bring the best forms of intimacy and beauty. It is a good journey of self discovery and awareness.


What is boudoir photography?  

Boudoir Photography is a unique and new way of photography that clicks intimacy, that is mostly done in a bedroom or a private space. It helps in celebrating a person’s appearance and self esteem.

Do I have to be a model to do boudoir photography?  

No , it is not necessary for you to be a model to do boudoir photography .

Are the photos retouched?

Yes , the photos are retouched in the post process.

How long does a boudoir photography take?

Not that long hours are needed for the shoot.

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