Lifestyle Newborn Photography Tips in 2023

Lifestyle newborn photography is currently trending. This article is ideal for you if you're seeking tips for your newborn photography session. You will find several ideas on how to ensure your photography session is memorable. We will focus on the differences between posed and lifestyle photography sessions. This will help you decide which one suits your preferences best.

What is a newborn lifestyle photography session?

Let’s know about the Lifestyle newborn photography session. It refers to capturing the early moments of a newborn baby. Lifestyle photography focuses on the bond between the family and the newborn. The session captures real-life moments of parents caressing their baby. It may include activities like feeding and changing diapers. It may take place at home or studio.

Posed vs. lifestyle newborn photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Posed photography involves arranging the baby in various cute poses. It includes props, blankets, and studio lighting. Lifestyle photography captures the baby in the natural environment. It often takes place at home, interacting with family members

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How to be ready for an effective newborn lifestyle session

Of course, this is like a lifetime memory for parents with their newborn. To make it special, they try to do their best. Here we are to guide you on how you can prepare yourself.

1. A lifestyle newborn photo shoot's necessary equipment.

  • Wipes and diapers: It's a good idea to come prepared with more diapers and wipes.
  • Comfy clothes: Your little one's comfort is a top priority. Dress your baby in loose, cozy outfits.
  • Pacifiers: Babies can get a bit fussy during a photo shoot. You can understand as they have to do all the posing and prodding. Pacifiers are helpful in these situations.
  • Feeding: Make sure your baby is well-fed before coming to the studio. It's a good idea to bring all the necessary feeding equipment.

2. A video of me discussing what to bring for the lifestyle newborn sessions.

Following is a list of essentials to bring for the lifestyle newborn session, as discussed between the photographer and the newborn's family.

  • Extra pair of clothes:It is good to bring extra outfits for yourself and any family members.
  • Personalized props:If you have, any personalized props, and then you can bring them.  It can be custom-made signs or your baby’s favorite items. It will give pictures a unique touch.
  • Snacks and Refreshments:A session can take a few hours, so you can bring some light snacks and refreshments.
  • Lullabies:Playing soft music or lullabies can create a calming atmosphere. This will help the baby stay relaxed and calm.
  • Special family item:Including a family heirloom or a special item will make the photos more meaningful.

3. These are the newborn-related goods I usually bring.

As parents, you can bring the following newborn-related goods:

  • Favorite toy: A favorite toy can be a great comfort for a baby during the session. Toys act as comforting items for babies and help to calm them.
  • Baby care kit: A Baby Care includes items like baby lotion, a gentle comb, or a brush for baby hairs.
  • Comfy Blankets: You must be thinking, why bring blankets? They create a warm atmosphere during the photo shoot, making your baby feel safe and content.

Bring everything you'll need for changing and feeding the baby. You may include any special lotions or items. Bring a brush to comb baby’s tiny hair Bring any toys or objects you want to use in the shots.

How to get ready for a newborn lifestyle session with parents

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Newborn lifestyle photography with parents involves several steps. This is to make sure that the session is successful. Here are some tips you can follow for a Lifestyle newborn photography session:

Manage expectations

Parents can share their thoughts and dreams for the photos they want to capture. You can discuss everything from posing to the props you'd like to include.

Preparing the clothing

When it comes to dressing up the baby, parents should be thoughtful. Use all sorts of cute props to make those photos extra special. Parents are advised to use soft blankets, hats, and charming socks. Lifestyle newborn photography outfits should be comfy plus adorable. It's all about ensuring your little one looks flawless in photos.

Warm up the home

Getting ready for an in-home lifestyle newborn photography session needs a creative mind. One of the essential steps is warming up your home. The photographer will likely need to capture those adorable moments in various rooms. The family of the newborn must make sure the temperature is right. The soft lighting and the gentle warmth will be best for your baby.

What to wear in newborn lifestyle photos

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

As parents, you must be confused and change hundreds of clothes to match your baby’s clothes. So, don’t stress yourselves much and wear something simple and what makes you look good. Solid colors are a good choice, as they won't steal the spotlight from your baby. The goal here is to keep all the attention on your beautiful baby.

Additional advice for lifestyle newborn sessions

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

It is time for some extra ideas for lifestyle newborn sessions.

  • Consider including any pets you have in your photos.
  • Let your baby lead the way. If they need a break, feeding, or a diaper change, it's all part of the session.
  • Don't feel pressured to pose differently than you usually would.
  • Dress your baby in loose, comfy outfits to avoid marks on their delicate skin. Don't fasten the diaper too tight.
  • Don't hesitate to share your expectations, preferences, and any specific shots with the photographer.


The decision of the photography session depends on the style of the photographer and the client. Remember that each newborn is unique and shows their first moments of life. The purpose of posed is the same. It aims to create lasting memories of this important moment. When preparing for a newborn lifestyle session, it's critical to control expectations. Select comfortable and lovely outfits for your baby. Warm up your home for a nice atmosphere. We hope these ideas and insights will assist you in preparing for your newborn photography sessions.


Question. Which one is best, Posed or lifestyle newborn photography?

Answer. This choice depends on the parents of the newborn. Posed newborn photography is the classic style. It involves taking pictures of a baby, often while they're sleeping and in various positions.

Question. How much time does the baby’s lifestyle photography session take?

Answer. It takes around 2 hours to complete the baby’s lifestyle photography session.

Question. What should be the perfect age of a newborn for a lifestyle photography session?

Answer. It's fine if you do it when they're 1 month, 6 months, or any age. Some people believe that newborn photos must be taken within the first 2 weeks after birth, but that's not true.


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