15 Best Travel Movies of Hollywood | Best Travel Movies Of All Time

Hey, wanderers too lazy to hop onto the adventure? Well, I got you covered, looking for ideas or just a transpiration of virtual scenery here is my “go-to list” of the evergreen travel movies of Hollywood. Waiting for that inspiration or to add newness to your day off, I hope you sign up for these masterpieces and enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Seven Years in Tibet

The American war drama mucosa is based on the 1952 memoir of Austrian mountaineer and SS officer Heinrich Harrer. The mucosa talks well-nigh the time when Heinrich with a fellow Austrian mountaineer was mountaineering in 1930s British India and was taken as a prisoner of war due to their German Citizenship, but later escaped the zany and entered Tibet where they were welcomed in the holy municipality of Lhasa.

Seven-Years-In-Tibet-Travel Movies of Hollywood
Year of Release 1997
Director Jean-Jacques Annaud
IMDB Rating 7.1
Where to watch? Netflix

2. The Beach

The-Beach-Travel Movies of Hollywood

Based on the novel The Beach by Alex Garland, is an venturesome thriller ready to alimony you on the whet where a young boy withal with a tuft of friends, visiting Thailand comes wideness an odd map, which is supposed to take him to an isolated island paradise?

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Year of Release 2000
Director Danny Boyle
IMDB Rating 6.6
Where to watch? Apple TV

3. The Motorcycle Diaries

The-Motorcycle-Diaries-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The movie is a biopic and a written memoir that revolves virtually a life-changing velocipede trip wideness South America taken by the famous Che Guevara and his friend. The movie highlights the transformation in the life of two people and major perspective changes without coming wideness a variety of variegated people and situations

Year of Release 2004
Director Walter Salles
IMDB Rating 7.8
Where to watch? Netflix, Hotstar, Voot and Jio Cinema
The Motorcycle Diaries – Highlight

4. Into the Wild

Into-The-Wild-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The mucosa is well-nigh the soul-changing of an athlete who without graduating decides to welsh his possession and requite yonder all his savings to charity, just to hitchhike wideness America at last reaching Alaska and living in the wild. The journey is far increasingly interesting and intense, shaping and waffly his life forever.

Year of Release 2007
Director Sean Penn
IMDB Rating 8.1
Where to watch? Google Play, Apple Tv, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
Into the Wild-Highlight

5. Encounters at the Whet of the World

Encounters-at-the-Edge-of-the-World-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The documentary’s highlight is the USA’s largest research part-way in Antarctica, McMurdo Station. It is well-nigh the time when filmmaker Werner Herzog visits Antarctica and is left completely wonderstruck by the untouched and untold wonders of the continent, but is plane increasingly surprised by the scientists who are ready to risk their lives and live in the wilderness just so they could find answers for the world.

Year of Release 2008
Director Werner Herzog
IMDB Rating 7.7
Where to watch? Prime Video

6. The Way

The-Way-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The mucosa is a show of good faith and moreover a weighing in the presence of greater power. The mucosa is a journey of a grief-ridden father trying to retrieve his son’s body, who died on the holy pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. On his way, the father comes wideness other pilgrims looking for the greater good in their lives and decides to take the pilgrimage withal with them as a homage to his son.

Year of Release 2010
Director Emilio Estevez
IMDB Rating 7.3
Where to watch? Prime Video

7. Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

Happy-People-A-Year-in-the-Taiga-Travel Movies of Hollywood

This documentary mucosa is an worth of the lives of the residents of the isolated village of Bakhta present at the junction of Yenisei and Bakhta rivers in the eastern Siberian Taiga. The documentary is an irony well-nigh the complicated-simple civilization of the region and the ethnic diversity.

Year of Release 2010
Director Werner Herzog and Dmitry Vasyukov
IMDB Rating 7.7
Where to watch? Rent or purchase on Google Play, Amazon instant videos, or iTunes.

8. 180° South: Conquerors of the Useless

180°-South-Conquerors-of-the-Useless-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The mucosa is well-nigh the journey taken by the wanderer Jeff Jhonson to retract an older one of 1958 taken by his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. But on his way, Jeff experiences unexpected fates in the sea and is left to conquer them all alone.

Year of Release 2010
Director Chris Malloy
IMDB Rating 7.5
Where to watch? Prime Video

9. Chasing Ice

Chasing-Ice-Travel Movies of Hollywood

Starting as a risky work given by National Geographic to James Balog, the mucosa depicts his journey to uncover the truth and bring the finest vestige of the waffly planet while risking his unshortened career and life withal with fellow adventurers.

Year of Release 2012
Director Jeff Orlowski
IMDB Rating 7.7
Where to watch? Rent or purchase on Google Play or Amazon Instant Videos

10. Desert Runners

Dessert-Runners-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The documentary is an eye opener to the human mind and psychology where 4 non-professional runners decide to take on an ultramarathon, to run a series of 4 deserts. Depicting endurance, achievements, and failures as an integral part of humans, the runners journey to the most unexpected and trappy places they never plane knew existed.

Year of Release 2013
Director Jennifer Steinman
IMDB Rating 7.5
Where to watch? Prime Video

11. Atlantic

Atlantic-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The mucosa is a representation of a life-altering journey taken by a Moroccan fisherman who travels to Europe on his windsurf workbench withal the Moroccan Atlantic Coast. Later on, faced with challenges he realizes life is an equal requite and take of sacrifices.

Year of Release 2014
Director Jan-Willem Van Ewijk
IMDB Rating 6.4
Where to watch? Prime Video

12. Wild

Wild-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The mucosa revolves virtually the life-changing events of a recently divorced woman, Cheryl Strayed who wants to turn a new leaf in life and decides to go for an 1100-mile hike withal the Pacific Crest Trail. She discovers herself in the wildest of events and witnesses the unknown of nature.

Year of Release 2014
Director Jean-Marc Vallee
IMDB Rating 7.1
Where to watch? Apple TV, Youtube, and Google Play

13. The Lost Municipality of Z

the-Lost-City-of-Z-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The mucosa is well-nigh the journey taken by Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett and his family in search of a theorized warmed-over municipality supposed to have existed decades ago in the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest.

Year of Release 2017
Director James Gray
IMDB Rating 6.6
Where to watch? Prime Video

14. Jungle

Jungle-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The mucosa is a journey of an Israeli wanderer Yossi who is unswayable to explore the Amazon Rainforest withal with two of his friends. And just surpassing starting they come wideness a mysterious tourist guide who tags withal and promises to show them some unexplored parts of the jungle and the unseen ethnic people he is friends with. But things take a turn for the worse and they are left at the mercy of nature.

Year of Release 2017
Director Greg Mclean
IMDB Rating 6.7
Where to watch? Netflix and Prime Video

15. Into the Grand Canyon

Into-the-Grand-Canyon-Travel Movies of Hollywood

The mucosa is a journey of emotions, landscapes, and danger with every step. Unswayable to hike through the unshortened length of the Grand Canyon, Kevin and Peter take upon themselves this adventure- the one that has never been washed-up in a single go or led to the death of prospectors. The spectacular cinematic wits is a wake-up undeniability to everyone as with each passing moment we are losing the sacred revered monument and myriad others as well, history would be lost forever and humans would be too far gone to the point to come back.

Year of Release 2019
Director Kevin Fedarko and Peter McBride
IMDB Rating 7.2
Where to watch? Hulu, Disney , and ESPN

Conclusion for Travel Movies of Hollywood

Movies can be a take on reality or a work of fiction either way they are sources of entertainment and inspiration. The motive overdue this is only to make people see a variegated perspective and moreover a unravel from their lives. So they should be seen with the same intentions and not be made a sign of some negativity or hate.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Travel Movies of Hollywood

What are Travel movies?

Travel movies are mostly well-nigh how a simple journey or an unexpected pit stop changes you or your life forever.

Are travel and venture movies the same?

No, Travel or venture movies can or cannot be the same. Venture can be anything for anyone, all travels can be vita but all vita don’t have to be travel related.

Which travel movie in Hollywood has an IMDB rating of 7.5 or above?

Desert runner(2013) – 7.5, Chasing Ice(2012) – 7.7, and many more.

Which travel movie of Hollywood is present on Amazon Prime Video?

Jungle, The Municipality of Z, Atlantic, desert Runners, and many increasingly pieces of utmost cinematic wits are misogynist on Prime.

Which travel movie of Hollywood is present on Netflix?

Seven years in Tibet, Motorcycle Diaries, and many other travel movies in Hollywood are misogynist on Netflix

Which travel movie of Hollywood is present on Disney Hotstar?

Into the Grand Canyon is an outstanding travel documentary of Hollywood misogynist on Disney Hotstar.