11 Best Treks In Himachal Pradesh

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

John Burroughs

Himachal Pradesh offers trekkers vast diversity when it comes to landscapes. Himachal Pradesh has the uniqueness of snow-covered mountain peaks, dumbo trappy untried forests, and, plane glacial lakes. Trekking in Himachal feels tropical to nature and enables us to see all the wonders nature can provide us. Taking the weather conditions into account, the weightier time to visit for treks in Himachal Pradesh would be between March to September.

So, let us requite you a unenduring overview of the phenomenal treks of Himachal Pradesh.

1. Triund Trek

The trek that is the weightier and safest option for solo trekkers is this, Trikund trek. The trekkers certainly can’t miss the untried eyeful of this place. The trekkers would want to stay for the night and squint at the trappy stars, that fill the night sky. The ranges of Dhauladhar loom over the landscape, subtracting to its scenic beauty.

Duration 2 days
Altitude 2849m / 9,350 ft
Difficulty level Easy

2. Pin Parvati Trek

Adventurers who are looking for challenges must requite this trek one try. Being the toughest trek in Himachal, the challenges of this trek is not easy. The trekkers would need stamina and willpower. The higher you go, the largest and increasingly trappy the scenery becomes. This trek not only requires physical stamina but mental strength also. But the eyeful of this trail compensates for everything.

Duration 7-8 days
Altitude 5318m / 17,450 ft
Difficulty level Difficult

3. Sar Pass Trek

Yet flipside mesmerizing trail of trek originating from the Kasol region. We are met with a massive value of snow on our way up to the peak. We see the trail is lined with pine trees and deodar trails, making it your own worthy Christmas. The Sar Pass Trek is filled with vibrant flowers and a trappy white expanse to tomfool your soul. You can moreover zany here and make the most of this trek.

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Duration 4-5 days
Altitude 4267m / 14000 ft
Difficulty level Moderate to difficult

4. Malana Village Trek

This trek takes you to the oldest villages in India. This trek route starts from Jari. One of the weightier things to do while trekking is, trek up on the winding road and those narrow paths will take you into the depth of the mountains. The walk from Kasol to Malana is an enchanting experience.

Duration 6 days
Altitude 3048m / 10000 ft
Difficulty level Moderate

5. Jakhu Temple Trek

This trek is the weightier one for all Hanuman believers. The Jakhu temples reside at the highest peak in Shimla, at an upland of 2455m. This temple is home to winsome monkeys. You can see the 108 ft upper statue of lord hanuman, which gets subconscious overdue the deodar trees.

Duration 1-day
Altitude 2454m / 8054ft
Difficulty level Easy

6. Hampta Pass Trek

The trek starts from the Pir Panjal village and covers a vast variety of flora, waterfalls, and rivulets. It is one of the toughest treks in Himachal Pradesh. The trek provides a stark unrelatedness between lush untried fields and vegetation on one side and waterless desert mountains on the other. Hampta Pass is Himachal’s “Valley of flowers”.

Duration 5 days
Altitude 4114m/ 13500ft
Difficulty level Easy to moderate

7. Bhrigu Lake Trek

This trek blesses the visitors with stunning views of the Seven Sister’s peak. It is one of the weightier summer treks and hence it is prudent to go on a trek at Bhrihu Lake during the months of May-June. Bhrigu trek provides us the scenic views of the high-altitude glacier lake, withal with the views of snow-capped mountains. The trekkers set up nice camping and enjoy the night oh the wilderness.

Duration 3 days
Altitude 4267m / 14000ft
Difficulty level Easy to moderate

8. Deo Tibba Base Camp

This isn’t some beginner-friendly trek. This trek requires a lot of wits in trekking and sheer stamina, strength, and endurance. This trek provides pleasing sights of the mountain landscapes and the flora and fauna of the forests. The trappy views from the peaks of Indrasan and the glacial views of Deo Tibba and Jagatsukh arent sights to be missed.

Duration 5-6 days
Altitude 6096m / 20000ft
Difficulty level Difficult

9. Tosh Valley Trek

If you are a newcomer in the field of trekking, then this trek is the perfect destination to start. This is quite an easy trek and someone who is a novice can ace this trek and see the eyeful of nature. These wondrous trails take you to some springs and plane oversized rocks. This trek contains some stunning waterfalls and gorgeous gorges.

Duration 4-5 hours
Altitude 2399m / 7874ft
Difficulty level Easy

10. Kareri Lake Trek

Treks and hikes are a unconfined escape into the stovepipe of mother nature. One such cradle is the Kareri Lake Trek. This trek gives us a picturesque view of nature and its bounties. The trek follows the lining of pine trees on both sides. This trekking trail is not only a heaven for adventurers and trekkers, but moreover for photographers, as it offers some wondrous sights.

Duration 3 days
Altitude 2926m / 9600ft
Difficulty level Easy to moderate

11. Prashar Lake

Prashar lake resides in the Manali district of Himachal Pradesh. This undecorous water lake is surrounded by the Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley and the trek routes follow up trappy rivulets and dumbo untried forests that get laced with white, due to snow in winter. This trek offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges. A prime example of Himachali tracery is the local temple of Prashar Rishi next to the lake.

Duration 4-5 hours
Altitude 2731m / 8960ft
Difficulty level Easy to moderate

“For hiking is one of those things that you can only do when you have the determination in you.”


Trekking surely isn’t some “Walk On The Cake” act. It requires upper endurance and stamina. However, trekking never disappoints and it never fails to requite what it promised. Trekking blesses us with never-seen-before sights of nature gives us a unravel from our boring, monotonous life, and adds a mix of wifely and satisfaction to our lifestyle. The difficult treks make us realize the strength of nature and its kindness.

We have tried to imbricate up most of the treks in Himachal Pradesh. Feel self-ruling to waif a scuttlebutt and tell us well-nigh increasingly treks.

FAQs for Treks In Himachal Pradesh

Which are the most popular treks in Himachal Pradesh?

The snow-clad peaks and trappy views are the most popular the trek destinations like Hampta Pass, Deo Tibba Base Camp, Buran Ghati, Pin Parvati Pass, and Friendship Peak.

What stuff can the tourists do in the Kasol region?

Among other things, tourists can enjoy local destinations and indulge in wondrous cafes, shopping districts, star gazing, and camping.

Which is the most difficult trek in Himachal Pradesh?

Trekking, as much as it has us witness the trappy scenery, trekking moreover is a very strenuous activity. And the Pin Parvati Pass trek is the most difficult one.

Which are the easiest treks in Himachal Pradesh?

The treks which are perfect examples for newbies in the trekking are Triund Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, and Prashar Lake Trek.

How long is the Triund trek in Himachal Pradesh?

The Triund trek of Himachal Pradesh is approximately 9km long. Its a day hike.

Which is the longest trek in Himachal Pradesh?

The Kang La trek is the longest trek in Himachal Pradesh, which stretches from Himachal Pradesh and goes over to Leh.

Which is the highest trek in Himachal Pradesh?

With an upland of 4270 m whilom sea level, the Hampta pass treks wilt the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh.

How do you trek to Kheerganga peak?

The Kheerganga trek starts from Barshiani you have to imbricate a journey of 25 km long and then reach the Kheerganga zany site. For Kheerkanga peak you have to take some increasingly professional guides & precautions with you.


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