Google Bard API: What is it How to use it?

The Google Bard API is a very smart tool that can write phrases and paragraphs. This tool is intelligent since it is learned from many books and texts. It understands many words and how they fit together. To answer human inquiries, the platform employs the PaLM 2 big language model. From May 5, 2023, Google Bard AI is available in over 180 countries.

Let's understand the basic workings of Google Bard API. By inputting a statement or a question, you inform the tool what you want to chat about. Then it thinks and provides you with an excellent answer that suits what you asked. It's the most useful tool that can help you write, speak, and do various things. It's like having a smart writing partner at your service.

Does Google Bard have an API?

Yes, Google Bard does have an API. It is in beta and only a small number of individuals have access to it. On the Google AI website, you may sign up for the waitlist. Bard AI is currently in its early stages. Yet, Google has not revealed its API. 

Google Bard API: What is it?

Google Bard API

The Google Bard API is like giving computer programs superpowers.  This tool will answer your queries, and help you to generate different ideas. You don't have to make much more effort because you can use the Bard API's unique skills. To use the Google Bard API, you'll need something like a secret key provided by Google.

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Google Bard API: Is it free?

The Google Bard API is, indeed, free. You may access the Google Bard API without having to pay for credentials or API fees. API usage is often invoiced depending on the number of credentials used.

How to Access Google Bard?

A few steps to access Google bard:

  • Visit the Bard webpage:
  • Sign in to your Google Account if you haven't already.
  • Enter your question or prompt in the text box at the bottom.
  • Click the "Add to prompt" button and choose a photo from your computer or take a new one to upload with your prompt.
  • To submit your prompt to Bard, use the "Enter" key or the "Send" button.

Bard will generate a response. Following that, you may interact with Bard by questions, offering comments, or requesting other creative text formats.

How to Join the Waitlist for the Google Bard API?

It's simple to get on the Google Bard API waitlist. Visit and click the Join Waitlist option. You have to submit your contact information. This process will not ensure immediate access. Google is providing access to a few people.

How to Use Bard API?

Google Bard API, like other APIs, requires an API key. You will be unable to combine Bard with other programs unless you have an API key. Follow the steps below to locate your API key:

Step 1: Create a Google Cloud Project.

  • Log in to the Google Cloud Platform website using your Google Account.
  • Click "Create Project" and name your project.
  • After you've created your project, navigate to "APIs and Services" in the Cloud Console.
  • Navigate to "Library" and look for the "Google Bard API."

Step 2: Turn on the Google Bard API.

Locate the "Google Bard API" in your project's API library and activate it.

Step 3: Get an API Key 

  • If you don't already have one, sign up for a free Google Cloud account.
  • Create a new project in the Google Cloud Console.
  • Go to the API Library to enable the Bard API in your project.
  • In the Credentials section, generate the Google Bard API key.

Step 4: Authenticate Your Application

To use the Bard API, you must first show that your app has permission. Add your API key to the queries sent by your app.

Step 5: Establish a Service Account

  • Navigate to IAM and Admin in the Google Cloud Console.
  • Set up a new service account.
  • Download the service account's unique JSON key file.

Step 6: Install Required Tools

  • If you're using Python, you may use Daniel Park's "Bard-API" module.
  • You may install it by typing pip install bard-api.
  • You may use this module in Python scripts to communicate with the Bard API.

Step 7: Make API Requests

Your app may now communicate with the Bard API using your API key and JSON key file. When communicating with the API, include your API key.

That's all! You have configured your app to use Google Bard. It's the equal of giving your app a smart linguistic brain.


Google Bard API can help your computer programs become intelligent and useful. You may do this by following the methods we discussed before. It will help computer programmers to develop amazing and innovative AI-based programs. It may also make your business's job easier and wiser. So, whether you're a computer expert or a company owner, the Google Bard API will help you in improving products and tasks.    


Question:  What is Google Bard API Github?

Answer:  This project provides a FastAPI wrapper for dealing with Google Bard, the company's conversational AI. Users may submit messages to Google Bard and receive answers using a simple API.

Question:  Is it useful to use Google Bard API?

Answer:  The Google Bard API's utility depends on your requirements and the type of your project. The Google Bard API creates coherent and appropriate text from input.

Question:  What are the programming languages supported by the Google Bard?

Answer: C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Typescript are programming languages supported by the Google Bard.



 (By Simran Singh)