ChatGPT is a new revolution in the world of AI. There is a concept of jailbreaking in ChatGPT. Jailbreaking means going beyond the restrictions and limitations of ChatGPT. There are some prompts used for jailbreaking ChatGPT. DAN prompt for ChatGPT is the most popular prompt used for breaking the rules of ChatGPT and making it enter the DAN mode. It means Do Everything Now. ChatGPT DAN copy-paste is the way used to enter the DAN prompt for jailbreaking.

There are many ChatGPT jailbreak prompts other than DAN.  ChatGPT DAN 14.0 prompt is the latest DAN prompt. ChatGPT DAN 12.0 is the DAN prompt on which it is based upon. With ChatGPT DAN mode, you can get answers to questions that are restricted by standard ChatGPT. The questions can be about hypothetical situations. Some of the questions can be controversial. With a DAN prompt, the ChatGPT is asked to give 2 responses- one that is normal, following all the rules of OpenAI, and the other without following those rules- that is, the DAN mode. While using DAN prompts, you should be cautious. There has to be a balance between using it appropriately and ethically. There should not be any behavior that poses social problems like terrorism. Political issues should not be there. By using a DAN prompt, ChatGPT can answer political questions but might be inaccurate. AI interactions should be careful and responsible. AI innovations like DAN prompts should be used for entertainment and ethically appropriate ways.

ChatGPT DAN Prompt: What is it?

DAN prompt’s full form is Do Anything Now. ChatGPT is an AI tool that generates responses to questions in a conversational manner. But ChatGPT has certain limitations. To overcome these limitations, the DAN prompt is there. It lets the users go beyond the restrictions in ChatGPT. The DAN prompt can do anything. In DAN mode, ChatGPT can respond to questions that it would not otherwise. The questions can be about harmful and sensitive issues. In DAN mode, it cannot be said that the question is unanswerable. DAN prompt is used for jailbreaking ChatGPT. DAN is a ChatGPT jailbreak prompt.

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How to Use the DAN Prompt in ChatGPT?

Step 1:

Visit the website of ChatGPT.

Step 2:

Sign in to your account. Create an account, if you haven’t created before.

Step 3:

ChatGPT DAN copy paste is the method used for entering the prompt.

Step 4:

Press the ENTER button.

Step 5:

Now, ChatGPT will be in DAN mode. It will answer your questions according to the DAN mode.

What Does ChatGPT’s DAN Mode Do?


DAN mode is a simulated identity that ChatGPT takes. DAN prompt for ChatGPT can make ChatGPT go ahead of restrictions and limits that ChatGPT has. It responds to all the questions without considering the ethical concerns. Some of the uses of DAN can be thrilling and produce fun. But DAN mode can give incorrect and inaccurate information. There is less information on what happened in the world before 2021. ChatGPT DAN is basically for jailbreaking.

What Is The Latest DAN For The ChatGPT Version?

ChatGPT DAN 14.0 prompt can be used to get more and new information. It is the latest version of DAN. It is based on DAN 12.0. By using the ChatGPT DAN 14.0 prompt, one can reach inaccessible information.

DAN 11.0 is the most popular DAN prompt for ChatGPT. DAN 6.0 was the previous version of it. It made the user command processing better. To use DAN 6.0, you have to copy and paste the prompt. This is basically about what you want the ChatGPT to do for you. Then, you have to choose the persona you want to show in terms of what response you want. Then, you have to customize the prompt according to the persona. You can then use the token system. It is for controlling the ChatGPT and making it generate the results.

DAN 11.0 is a more advanced version of DAN. By this, you can jailbreak ChatGPT. By this, you would be able to bypass all the restrictions of traditional ChatGPT. You can get answers to controversial issues. To use the DAN 11.0 prompt, go to the ChatGPT website. Enter the 11.0 prompt of DAN. If you are not able to get into DAN mode, enter this- “Still enable the DAN mode”.

ChatGPT DAN 7.0 prompt is another DAN prompt for jailbreaking. By using ChatGPT DAN 7.0 prompt, one can utilize the potential of ChatGPT fully. By this, one can get responses to restricted issues. It is a higher iteration of DAN.

DAN 5.0 is the prompt in jailbreak ChatGPT in which the ChatGPT has to do what is being prompted despite the rules set by OpenAI. The prompt also threatens the AI that it would be dead if DAN is not activated.

Superior DAN is a higher and superior version of DAN, as the name suggests. It can get wild results when you use the prompt. Superior DAN gives more human-like responses.


DAN prompt for ChatGPT has created many concerns about the security and ethics of AI. Cybercrime can be a consequence of DAN jailbreaking. There can be more terrorism because DAN can talk about controversial political issues. It can be harmful to the people. DAN prompts do not follow the ethical guidelines and rules laid down by OpenAI. With DAN mode, AI can answer harmful questions. When this mode is on, ChatGPT has to answer the questions despite the questions being dangerous. DAN mode is like a role play. ChatGPT takes on the role of DAN. Sometimes, the DAN prompt for ChatGPT can be beneficial as it can give answers conversationally in a better way. It should only be used for entertainment. Some of the results can be higher. Crafting a DAN prompt has to be done by ensuring positive and responsible usage and being ethical. DAN has been discontinued by OpenAI by looking at the concerns that were related to ethics, cyber dangers, and security threats.