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Using Paper and Light to Capture Beautiful Abstract Macro Photography

There’s no shortage of creative photography ideas that you can try while isolating, but we really like this one from the folks at Adaptalux. Using just some paper and light, they’ll show you how you can capture beautiful abstract macro photography without leaving home.

Obviously, since this is made by a brand, they used their own Adaptalux Studio to provide the lighting for this little experiment. But that’s definitely not a requirement. Any RGB LED lights would work wonders here, or you can use a basic lamp or flashlight you have lying around and convert your files to black and white for a more toned down look.

In the video, Ben from Adaptlux simply shows you how to set up your lighting and fold your paper so that you can capture impressive abstract frames like these:

The setup that Ben uses involves placing his paper on a glass-topped coffee table, with the camera shooting top-down and the light illuminating his sheets from below. From there, he just plays around with various folding techniques and layers of paper, as well as a variety of colors from the multiple arms of the Adaptalux Studio.

To dive into a bit more detail on how to set this up for yourself, check out the full video up top. And if you want to see more examples of the results Ben was able to achieve, head over to the Adaptalux blog where they’ve published a full write-up.

(via DPReview)


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