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Stunning Light Painted Polaroid Portraits Mix the Old with the New

The Polaroid instant camera may conjure images from the 90s, but photographer Jason D. Page breathes new life into the system using the newer OneStep+ camera and mixing it with modern light painting techniques with fabulous results.

The Polaroid has always been a popular – albeit perhaps hipster – choice for casual photography, but Page proves that it can also be used to create some really compelling art. In the video above, Page shows the multiple modern light painting techniques he uses and how he mixes those with the long exposures that are possible with the Onestep+ camera thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

“Two things that I love are Light Painting and Polaroid Pictures,” he says. “If you love film or just love to see what kinds of images you can create straight out of the camera there is no better way to do that than shooting with a Polaroid camera. With a polaroid camera, there is one true original image – You can’t get any more straight out of camera than a polaroid picture.”

Page’s technique involves placing the Polaroid on a tripod and firing it remotely using the camera’s app on his smartphone. Thanks to the bulb setting available via that app, Page can set a long exposure and then use different light painting tools to create dazzling effects.

“Creating a light painting and then having the physical print coming out of the camera and into your hand has always been a special feeling for me. I have been a fan of Polaroid for a really long time and the OneStep+ camera paired with the Polaroid app works great and it is so much fun,” Page says.

It’s important to note that while the camera is responsible for producing the vintage-looking final images, Page’s light painting technique is what makes them so compelling. While he glosses over the fine movements in his tutorial, it’s important to watch his wrist closely as well as the speed he moves the different light painting tools. If you want to successfully recreate some of these looks, getting a firm grasp on the nuances of Page’s movements will be critical.

For more from Jason D. Page you can follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

Image credits: Photos by Jason Page and used with permission.


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