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Cheeky Photo Editing Tutorial Features Portraits of Old Men Instead of Pretty Girls

Photographer Michael Comeau over at OnPortraits has put together a cheeky tutorial that pokes fun at how almost every portrait editing tutorial (his included) tends to feature pretty girls as the models. So he created one using “Grumpy Old Men” instead.

Notably, it’s not all tongue-in-cheek. This is a legitimate Capture One portrait editing tutorial that runs you though some key techniques including dodging & burning, luma range masks, color manipulation, gradient and radial gradient masks, and more.

Plus, you’ll be learning how to apply these edits to faces that aren’t already made up, smoothed out, or otherwise blemish-less.

The three “models” used here are Comeau’s 77-year-old father, a portrait of a fellow photographer taken on the streets of NYC, and a portrait of an “old school New Yorker” that Comeau admits is not actually grumpy at all. The edits he makes are, for the most part, pretty subtle, but that’s a skill in its own right when it comes to post-processing portraits.

Check out the full video up top for a little bit of education, and maybe a laugh as well. And if you want more Capture One tutorials, keep an eye on Comeau’s YouTube channel or head over to the OnPortraits website.


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