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Photo Of The Day By Beth Howell

Photo By Beth Howell

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Moody Drangarnir” by Beth Howell. Location: Faroe Islands.

“The hike to Drangarnir sea stack in the Faroe Islands was top of the ‘bucket list’ for my 2019 trip,” says Howell. “While I expected crashing waves and a brilliant sunset, sometimes it was just calm and moody. The overcast sky, calm sea and towering sea stacks combine for an ethereal feeling.”

Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 24-105mm f4/5/6L, Tiffen polarizer, Potodiox 4-stop ND filter. Exposure: 30 sec., f/11, ISO 200.

See more of Beth Howell’s photography at www.bethhowellphotos.com

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