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Water Reversal Photography: A Simple Stuck-at-Home Photo Idea

Photographer and educator Gavin Hoey recently put together a tutorial on how to shoot “water reversal photography”—a perfect still life photography idea for anyone who is stuck at home and doesn’t have a macro lens handy.

The video was put together in collaboration with Adorama, and if you’ve never heard of (possible) or seen (unlikely) water reversal photography in action, you’re in for a treat. The concept is incredibly simple, but the results are visually striking. As Gavin explains on his website:

The water filled glass acts as a simple lens and reverses the image seen through it. The upshot of which is, if you place the glass in front of a bold but simple background it becomes something photographically fascinating.

The results, as seen in the video, will look something like this:

Photos by Gavin Hoey

To capture these kinds of photos yourself, you’ll want a good bit of light—flash would be best, continuous light will work—or a tripod in order to capture enough light, a reflective base on which to set your glass of water, and a background with a simple pattern on it. Gavin has actually released six of his own, which you can download for free at this link.

These photos are taken around f/11 to ensure enough depth of field (hence the need for lots of light or a tripod), with the light pointed at the background rather than the whole scene, so you can avoid any major reflections on the glass itself.

To see how it’s done or learn to do it yourself, check out the full video up top and then head over to Gavin’s blog where you’ll find those free backgrounds and a few sample shots for your consideration.

(via The Digital Picture)


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